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Eben Brooks

EbenI am “The Working Class Superhero”, and I'm not afraid to say what I feel, both in my songwriting and in my life. I'm a political, social, and environmental activist; I've participated in beach cleanups, breast cancer research fundraisers, war protests, civil rights demonstrations, and animal rescue events. I even once organized a rally at my Congresswoman's office because no one else would volunteer to do it.

The Heroes Against Hunger Concerts were started when I discovered the San Diego Food Bank after an underattended party left so much food uneaten that I simply couldn't bear to throw it away. Since then, Heroes Against Hunger has raised over a thousand dollars and five hundred pounds of food for the Food Bank, a fact that I am very proud of and very humbled by.

In addition to being the singer/songwriter for the band, I am a writer, a photographer, and a solo artist, often partnering with my dear friend and fellow singer/songwriter Allison Lonsdale to do shows. Most of all, I am a lover of life, and I hope that my music conveys that love to everyone who listens.

Eben Brooks’ solo shows:

Saturday, September 17th, 2016 6:00 PM
The Geeky Music Show
Lestat's West
3341 Adams Avenue
San Diego, CA 92116
Price: Free (just buy coffee or food)
Allison and I have been rehearsing our kiesters off lately. Well, okay, not literally, but we've been stepping up the rehearsal schedule, adding harmonies to songs that previously didn't have them, and working up new material. This show, we're going to premier our cover of a very popular song from the 80's that we're really excited about!

We're also stepping up our overall showmanship. Standing rather than sitting is just a first step. We'll be trying new things, expanding our horizons—all with the intent of entertaining YOU all the better! So we hope you'll come to the show, especially if you haven't seen us in a while.

Thanks again!

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